Chernarus Life RO

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Welcome to
Chernarus Life


This is a moded/scripted role play mission for ArmA2.

Police officers list:
(*This list can be changed without notice)
BLUFOR spot:
Cop1 (SpecOp)
Cop2 (SpecOp)
Cop5 (SpecOp)
Lt. Sugeata [ROM]
by Ultimate Gamer over a year ago
by SugeataRosie over a year ago
by SugeataRosie over a year ago

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Welcome to Chernarus Life, a roleplay mission for ArmA2

This is the map, it's different than the normal Chernarus map so look closely when you join, learn how to find the locations you want and have fun.

When you login to the server, first press "M", and read the tabs on the left named laws, general rules, controls, clr guide and jobs. Don't ask for basic info, it is your job to read all those information.

We will make some basic tutorials on the forum, so if this is your first time on Chernarus Life, please visit the forum and read those helping posts.

We are recruiting 2 more police officers, if you want to take the test, post your in-game name on the "Recruiting" section on the forum.

Please understand, this is in BETA stage, so don't expect everything to work perfectly... Thank you for understanding and have fun.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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